Our law firm

As one of the leaders on the Paris market, we are an entrepreneurial independent law firm benefiting from recognised experience in all fields of business law and from international practice.


A strategy geared towards client service:


Our strategy is to build a leading integrated full service law firm:

  • “Full service”, because we can address all the needs of our clients;
  • “Integrated”, because our expertise and practice areas are transversal, pooled and consolidated to provide our clients a service with added value.

We have adapted an organisational structure driven towards this strategy:

  • An original organisational structure divided in two divisions (Corporate Structure and Corporate Operations) which address the main two principal needs of businesses: capital structures and business operations.
  • Pooled skills and rapidly deployable.
  • Project-based team work: for each new case we use talent and skill synergies to assemble a tailored team of experts to resolve all issues of the legal matters in question.
  • We are available to discuss this with you in order to assemble the best team for your project and your budget.

We continue to invest in new talent to complement and reinforce our existing expertise, to widen and develop the range of activities and skills we offer and improve the services we provide our clients.


An independent law firm:


We endeavour to remain in control of our strategy and development. This is why we have always resisted merging with other law firms or networks, whilst still sustaining our international strategy and continually persevering with the view to establishing our firm on the French and European law markets.

We also ensure our financial independence which is the best guarantee of our freedom: our growth is financed by the efficient management of resources and fixed costs. The entirety of our share capital is held by our firm partners.

Finally, we are not dependant on any client: none represents a substantial portion of our revenue.


A flexible and reactive transparent governance:


  • Our corporate form, SELAS, requires its accounts to be audited by a statutory auditor;
  • With our clients in mind, we publish an annual activity report every year;
  • The management of the law firm is upheld by a Chairman and a Managing Director assisted by a Strategic Committee, a Marketing Committee and an International Committee who are supported by a team coordinated by a General Secretary and a Head of Communication;
  • The strategic direction of our law firm is defined and approved by the partners.


Our law firm in key figures:


  • Founded on: 15th October, 2001 by 6 lawyers;
  • Today: 150+ professionals;
  • Ranked in the Top 50 French law firms;
  • Winner of several Gold and Silver Awards during the Law and Finance Awards (Trophées du Droit et de la Finance) and the Law and Litigation Awards (Trophées du Droit et du Contentieux) [between 2005 and today];
  • 4 partners nominated “Lawyer of the Year” and 10 other partners recognised by their peers as “Best Lawyers” by the American legal review Best Lawyers (in partnership with the economic daily Les Échos) [between 2010 and today];
  • Women account for more almost 60% of teams.


De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés :

– simplified joint-stock company registered with Paris Bar

– limited liability company registered with Brussels Bar