The evolution of a business dispute is often considered a perilous situation. Our role at your side is to be able to engage a litigation when it is appropriate, or to handle it when it damages your interests.

We assist french and international groups, active in sectors as diverse as aeronautics, the automotive industry and more generally the mechanical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as energy, construction, textiles and clothing, food, hotels, in the event of classic or complex disputes… We also support banks, insurance companies, investment funds, accounting firms, distributors, as well as public and para public actors.

At your side, we deal with issues as diverse as:

  • Complex litigation relating to corporate restructuring and debt restructuring.
  • Management of shareholder conflicts.
  • Liability of executives.
  • Transnational litigation for the protection and recovery of investments.
  • Commercial litigation.
  • Unfair competition, compliance with regulations, termination of commercial relations.
  • Competition law litigation.
  • Litigation known as mass and crisis litigation.
  • Product litigation.
  • Disciplinary litigation.
  • Industrial and technological risks.

Our cross-practice approach enable us to intervene on a wide range of issues, before civil, commercial, criminal – and even arbitral – courts.


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