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De Gaulle Fleurance supports you in valuing and protecting your data – so that the processing certification obligations in the European Union become a competitive advantage.

It is now official! Europrivacy is the first and only RGPD certification standard recognised by the European Union. De Gaulle Fleurance is the only independent French law firm and notary public partner of Europrivacy.


The GDPR makes companies responsible for transparent processing and storage of personal data: an incredible opportunity to add value and optimize business practices through certification at European level.


The explosion of e-commerce at global level has driven dissemination of the requirements expressed in 2016 by the European Parliament – with nuances that make the roll-out of a global marketing approach increasingly complex. European supervisory bodies allowed companies until 2020 to adapt as the date for GDPR certification according to legislation approached – while the penalties in each European Union Member State increased – alongside consumer expectations.


However, meeting these obligations is also an opportunity to enhance knowledge of corporate data, optimize their processing and eliminate operations with a high carbon footprint.


De Gaulle Fleurance, an independent French law firm dedicated to supporting innovation and which generates more than 30% of its turnover internationally, opted to anticipate the changes thanks to Europrivacy – a European organization dedicated to the certification process, with the aim of offering a framework consistent with the various requirements beyond the borders of the European Union. Our practice is for attorneys to work in project-mode, facilitating cooperation with operational teams on integrating the legal requirements into their processes and enhancing their skills. Our attorneys’ unbiased knowledge of the main specialist software on the market means we can incorporate a tool for the documentation of data processing and the GDPR obligations as part of our support package. Finally, our attorneys’ use of consultancy techniques means we can offer evaluation workshops with Europrivacy to carry out initial diagnostics – and then design a global work plan all the way up to certification, based on a truly international network of independent specialists.

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