White collar crime

White collar crime

We have developed expertise in white collar crimes, both in litigation – anticipation and management of criminal risk – and in criminal defence at all stages of the proceedings (preliminary investigations, investigations and criminal trials).

Criminal lawyers work with French and international groups, banks and their managers in fields as varied as energy, industry, construction, distribution and services, at all levels of their activities: in banking and financial criminal law, tax criminal law, corporate criminal law, labour criminal law, environmental criminal law and competition and consumer criminal law.

Our firm also regularly advises and assists groups or corporate officers in the implementation and monitoring of delegation of authority mechanisms and in the implementation of compliance programs in the fight against corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Responsive, discreet and personally involved with our clients, we take into account the strategic, economic and financial elements related to criminal cases when exercising criminal defense.

We work in all areas of white collar crime and in particular:

  • Industrial and pharmaceutical risk (Anti-gift law, environmental regulations);
  • Alleged violation of specific regulations applicable to the company and punishable as criminal offence (in particular, environmental law, labour law, sports law, Evin Law, consumer law, tourism law, etc.);
  • Public procurement law;
  • Fraud and cybercrime;
  • Libel and insult;
  • Breaches of probity such as national and international corruption;
  • Criminal offence of “rash conduct” (including homicides and unintentional injuries related, in particular, to labour regulations);
  • Sexual and moral harassment;
  • Market abuse (misinformation, insider trading and price manipulation).


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