[Lawyers and notaries: a unified service]

[Lawyers and notaries: a unified service]

De Gaulle Fleurance is an integrated group of lawyers and notaries. Its legal support combines the expertise of lawyers and business notaries with notarial certification of deeds. A global approach is an additional guarantee that can make all the difference.

Financing, real estate, securities, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, assets, commercial or licensing contracts, etc. Notarial acts are involved in many activities. They are part of our “full service” concept.


De Gaulle Fleurance innovates whenever possible to offer the best possible service to its clients. By combining the activities of a lawyer and a notary within a multi-professional practice company (made possible by the “Macron” law), the group facilitates the execution of operations that require the expertise of its lawyers and notaries.


The advantages of this dual approach are numerous: simplification of procedures, reduction of costs, authentication of documents, enforceability of authenticated deeds throughout the European Union, which makes it possible, for example, to directly seize accounts or assets without prior legal action, thereby avoiding procedural delays and related costs.


Our legal assistance includes the analysis and drafting of deeds, their authentication, and their execution if necessary. Likewise, our clients can rely on the advice of our lawyers and notaries to support their operations for the sale or acquisition of companies, real estate assets, project, or corporate financing, to manage and transfer their assets, etc.


Our service is efficient, secure, and transparent. The time spent by our lawyers and notaries is invoiced at the rates in force for advice and acts in the so-called “free sector”, and the legal notarial rate applies for regulated services, regardless of the client and the geographical area, it being specified that, depending on the nature of the case, the concomitant intervention of our notaries and lawyers may allow for cost optimization for the client. A service and a security that can have a great impact on the future and that we help you to anticipate.

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