Commercial law and distribution law

Commercial law and distribution law

We have an operational approach to commercial law: our objective is to support our clients and help them from the earliest development stage, right through to the start of production and distribution of their products or services . We assist them in defining their commercial policy or positioning on the market and in the negotiation of related contracts. We also support them during all phases of exchanges or confrontation with the authorities or other stakeholders (pre-notification, notification, investigations, litigation procedures), up to the designing of tools for risk anticipation.

Thus, we are able to:

  • Build compliance programs, in coordination, where appropriate, with foreign advisors, to respond to the configuration of groups that have developed on a transnational basis.
  • Manage the problems related to innovative financing and arrangements, in particular for the support of industrial R&D programmes, in the light of contingencies linked to State aid.
  • Lead and coordinate series of multi-jurisdictional notifications to competition authorities based on different continents.

This is why we offer our customers a wide range of services at the various stages of the products and services life cycle, including:

  • Sourcing and procurement: negotiation and drafting of agreements with upstream suppliers and subcontractors; optimization of contractual documents relating to the acquisition of production equipment;
  • Product safety: product labelling; customs / CE marking; environmental law;
  • B to B distribution: negotiation and drafting of distribution contracts with wholesalers and retailers; compliance of contractual databases; management of the distribution network; termination of contracts;
  • B to C distribution: consumer law, sales promotion, advertising; unfair competition; unfair commercial practices; assistance in investigations by authorities; personal data;
  • Product liability litigation: crisis management, product recall procedure, assistance in the event of inspection by national authorities.

We are involved in commercial and distribution law in a wide range of sectors, including: furniture and decoration, agri-food, tourism, jewelers, clothing, medical devices, toys, etc.


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