IT, Internet, Telecoms

IT, Internet, Telecoms

Digitization and the digital economy now extend to all business sectors and our specific and established experience in this field makes our company a natural and privileged partner for companies. We represent both key and emerging players in the digital economy, both in France (several software publishers, world leaders in their respective categories, as well as numerous providers of technology and online services for companies and professional users) and worldwide.

Our lawyers, recognized for their know-how and in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technological issues, also regularly contribute to the sectoral and public debate in the ecosystem of organizations, associations, federations and other networks in the sector.

For example, we are involved in the following matters:

  • Advice on procedures for processing personal data in accordance with regulatory law, including the supervision of transfers of such data outside the European Union (BCRs, model clauses, securities) and compliance with GDPR, NIS and e-privacy;
  • Structuring and protection of investments in the context of corporate operations, joint ventures, equity investments and restructuring;
  • Outsourcing of information systems as part of cloud computing solutions (SaaS, PiaS and IaaS), including tenders, audits and service level agreements;
  • Drafting and negotiation of standard licensing agreements and services for SaaS solutions;
  • Drafting of standard contracts for the digital distribution of software via Internet platforms;
  • Protecting our customers’ reputation on the Internet;
  • Acquisition operations and technology transfer;
  • Assistance and resolution of complex IT disputes, with or without a legal expertise phase;
  • Advice and litigation for the protection, exploitation and defense of our clients’ intellectual property in the digital environment (copyright, domain names, trademarks);
  • Patent and software infringement litigation;
  • Assistance to government contracting authorities in the reflection and recommendations for the conduct of strategic plans for the digital economy (deployment of optional fiber or digital terrestrial links);
  • Contractual development of Cloud Computing at the European Union level dedicated to administrations and public entities (data security, integration of digital technology into the status of public data but also in the field of e-administration).


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