[The city of Tomorrow]

[The city of Tomorrow]

De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés, the partner for your projects to construct both in France and internationally the city of tomorrow: sustainable, decarbonized, intelligent and healthier: so many opportunities to grow and benefit the community

In the last twenty years, citizens’ habits and expectations have been turned upside down in many areas including mobility and urban spatial planning.


Today, investments are increasing in local areas to ensure:

  • An ecological transition including the promotion of shared, multimodal, green and innovative mobility and the construction of sustainable buildings that facilitate an interoperable circular economy,
  • A digital transition with the development of smart networks, BIM solution and MaaS platforms, deployment of 5G, increasing digitization of both private and public products and services within the urban space, addressing major issues of cyber security, privacy and the sustainable exploitation of large volumes of data
  • A societal transition where needs for local services, a collaborative economy and digital nomadism echo the obligation to totally rethink intra- and intercity flows against a background of the long-term effects of the Covid-19 crisis and imperatives for increased safety of the population.

Are you a foreign transport firm, an industrialist, an energy producer, a telecommunications operator, a player in new technologies, a stakeholder in the health sector, a bank, an investment fund, a construction company, a real estate company, a high-value services provider or a community with an innovative city project seeking to export your know-how to France, Europe, Africa or the Middle East?


Our French attorneys with a strong international culture – registered with 13 bars and working in 20 foreign languages – support you from project design (strategic analysis and legal feasibility, financing, examination of possible contractual plans, monitoring of tender award procedures, negotiation of public or private sector contracts, etc.) right up to deployment (operation follow-up, amendments to contractual documentation, management of disputes and litigation, etc.).


Thanks to a collaborative, seamless and horizontal approach, we can support you in all your legal needs with a 360° overview of the challenges of your projects in France and internationally, with a network of partners made up of key players from the smart city.


Working together with various legal experts: public law, urban planning, transport, environment, energy, real estate, telecommunications, health and medico-welfare, consumption, personal data protection, intellectual property and new technologies, insurance, competition, corporate law and M&A, tax, social, banking and financing … our attorneys swing into action to assist international companies develop their strategy focusing on the challenges of the city of tomorrow and transforming them into assets.

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