Contracts, as crystallization of business flows and operations carried out by both public and private actors, are crucial steps for the successful development of businesses. We assist you in the negotiation process and in the drafting of your contracts, both standard or complex – and through the whole life of the agreements to ensure their proper execution, in line with your overall legal strategy.

We handle operations as diverse as:

  • Insurance contract,
  • Senior and mezzanine debt agreement,
  • Employment contract,
  • Credit agreement,
  • R&D contract,
  • Distribution agreement,
  • Industrial and maintenance contracts,
  • Commercial contracts,
  • Operating contract,
  • License agreement,
  • Energy supply contract,
  • Construction agreement,
  • Partnership contract,
  • Franchise agreements,
  • Publishing contract,
  • Audiovisual production agreement

Experience and know-how enable us to offer contractual advice, covering all economic sectors (insurance, art and culture, consumption, distribution, energy, finance, real estate, life sciences, sport, tourism, transport, etc.), at all geographical scales…


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