Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

The dematerialization and multiplication of access to content on all media and the advent of multi-channel has radically impacted the media and leisure sector (in the fields of television, radio, cinema, publishing and the press) – leading to increasing regulatory consolidation, particularly with regard to copyright protection.

Mobilizing all the added value of our cross-practice approach to matters entrusted by our clients, we advise major French and foreign players (content creators and producers, financial institutions, distributors and broadcasters…) on various issues such as the financing of international productions, the clearance and securing of their intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks), the implementation of the international tax credit in audiovisual and cinematographic matters, the monitoring of television productions in France and abroad, the necessary reform of the French media chronology, the VOD and SVOD economy models, the protection of content against extensive and unauthorized online use.

Thus, our lawyers will be able to assist you on:

  • Audit of rights portfolios and editorial catalogues or even chains of rights in audiovisual/cinematographic production or editorial exploitation of content;
  • Advice on the content distribution and exploitation regulation (Internet, audiovisual or cinema in particular);
  • Negotiations of output deals, format contracts and contracts for the exploitation and distribution of works (publishing, co-publishing, audiovisual production, remake, prequel, sequel…);
  • Advice on content production financing;
  • Validation of content as part of the implementation of Error & Omission policy or before release;
  • Acquisition of catalogues or content exploitation structures;
  • Negotiations with collecting societies for the remuneration of catalogues of foreign performers;
  • Tax optimization of licensing or exploitation of copyright portfolios;
  • Litigation: commercial, corporate and intellectual property;
  • Arbitration and conciliation (ADR) of these disputes, particularly in the field of copyright (by the IFTA Arbitral Tribunal (International Films and Television Association) and by the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (World Intellectual Property Organization)


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