Regulatory and compliance

Regulatory and compliance

Internal compliance programs became essentials in order to avoid possible injunctions, suspensions of activity and other financial sanctions due to the set-up of regulatory frameworks and a multiplication of risks of non-compliance. To optimize the opportunities that these constraints can create, our teams can support you on multiple lines of action:

  • the prevention of bribery, money laundering and fraud;
  • the prevention of anti-competitive practices;
  • product regulation;
  • export control;
  • compliance with data legislation
  • crisis prevention and management (supervisory authorities, governance and shareholding, media and public opinion, etc.)

Each compliance program will include a risk assessment process, a code of conduct, an employee training program, a process to monitor and verify the effectiveness of the program and a process to correct potential or actual violations.

We can work in sectors as varied as agri-food, textile and clothing, household appliances, banks, telecommunications, aerospace, insurance, real estate… International groups, industrial groups, or SMEs, the team that will be dedicated to your project will include lawyers who are familiar with your sector and the legal practices necessary to implement your program.


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