Real estate and construction law

Real estate and construction law

Experience and know-how are the basis of our expertise in all aspects of real estate law and related matters (corporate law, tax law, banking and financial law, public law, etc.) in a wide range of sectors (energy, infrastructure, insurance, tourism and leisure, industrial equipment, etc.). We assist our clients, companies and financial institutions, both in transactional and litigation, and in particular:

Transactional :

    • Acquisition and sale transactions of buildings and real estate portfolios;
    • Structuring of investment vehicles (OPCI, SIIC, funds);
    • Financing of real estate assets;
    • Real estate securities;
    • Construction, real estate development;
    • Urban planning and environment;
    • Preemption and expropriation;
    • Asset structuring (division into volumes, easements, joint ownership);
    • Management, property management and co-ownership trustees;
    • Leases and shared ownership.

Litigation :

    • Commercial leases;
    • Shared ownership and subdivisions;
    • Urban planning;
    • Expropriation;
    • Seizures of real estate

SCPI (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier), OPCI (Organisme de Placement Collectif Immobilier), public or private investors, owners, major users, property managers, developers, insurers, lenders, funds or even brokers put their trust in us. We regularly share with them our interest in booming topics, such as multi-use, new use or reuse of real estate assets, building obsolescence, environmental issues or self-supply.


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