International public law

International public law

Relations between States and international organizations are governed by many international conventions and treaties. They have a direct impact on governments or other public or private entities (investors, international industrial groups, etc.) by influencing the movements of goods or capital.

We assist our clients in the process of dealing with the impact of these agreements on their commercial transactions in flourishing or promising sectors: production and distribution of fossil fuels or renewable energy, transport, telecommunications, infrastructure, project financing, tourism, sport, etc.

Our lawyers, organized into project teams which adapt to the specific needs of each matter, can provide you with expertise in particular in the following areas:

  • Arbitration between States
  • International mining and petroleum projects
  • Land and maritime borders
  • International Trade Law
  • Environmental law
  • Space law
  • Property rights and expropriation
  • State responsibility
  • Economic sanctions
  • Accession and treaty negotiations
  • Investment treaties

We are also in constant dialogue with our network of foreign correspondents to interpret and apply international conventions as effectively as possible.


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