Our experienced lawyers are involved in all types of matters relating to corporate finance:

  • Bank financing: financing of movable and immovable assets; financing of public and private projects; corporate financing; acquisition financing; LBO financing; public-private partnerships…
  • Mezzanine debt;
  • Banking liability ;
  • Credit restructuring;
  • Regulatory aspects.

The specificity of our cross-practice approach and our organization without departments constitute a decompartmentalized base which enable us to offer a complete service and to serve and approach all financing operations from many angles. Thus, we work in particular on:

  • Tax optimization of the financing structure, such as structuring securities in the light of undercapitalization constraints.
  • Choice of the financing structure with regard to deconsolidation objectives.
  • Renegotiation of loans or asset leasing contracts in the context of insolvency proceedings.
  • Structuring of infrastructure financing (partnership contracts and concessions) and renewable energy financing.

On an international scale, we also provide Islamic finance services for financing energy, real estate and infrastructure projects in France and abroad (particularly in the Middle East and Africa).


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