European law

European law

Our steady practice of European Union law and its institutions enable us to build a litigation and regulatory strategy that gives our clients a new dimension in the management of their legal issues. Our direct presence in Brussels and our proximity to the representatives of the European Union institutions give our clients, active in sectors such as aeronautics, tourism, agri-food and transport, a privileged insight into regulatory developments in the European Union.

  • Pre-litigation procedure

Dialogue with European Commission officials in Brussels, in the framework of Technical Committees or through parliamentary questions, may resolve many challenges.

80% of the matters brought before the European Commission find a practical and concrete solution in the context of pre-litigation phases. Various mediation procedures are organized, including electronic mediation, to facilitate the investigation of matters.

  • Litigation before national and European Union courts

As early as the proceedings before the national courts, we establish with our clients a genuine judicial strategy based on European Union law in order, for example, to set aside national provisions which are contrary, impose an interpretation of national law in accordance with European Union law, hold the State liable in the event of a breach of European Union law, or refer the matter for a preliminary ruling to the Court of Justice.

  • Regulatory aspects of the European Union

Our legal assistance to companies and individuals before the European institutions covers in particular:

  • Dialogue with the Commission on the adoption of new laws and issues for the relevant industry,
  • European calls for tenders and public procurement,
  • Regional, sectoral, research and development subsidies as well as financing from the various European banks,
  • Dossiers for the MEDIA programme, the research and technological development framework programmes….
  • Cross-practice expertise

More than 70% of national legislation originates in European Union law. The transversality of European law naturally finds its answer in our cross-practice management of matters. This enables us to develop arguments of European Union law through the full range of skills offered by our law firm.


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