Corporate Social Responsibility: De Gaulle Fleurance publishes its sustainability report

Corporate Social Responsibility: De Gaulle Fleurance publishes its sustainability report

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For over twenty years, De Gaulle Fleurance has been supporting companies in their ecological, social and digital transitions. Committed to helping its customers develop their responsible investments and sustainable projects, and to implementing their compliance plans, the integrated group of lawyers and notaries is committed to upholding its environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments.


Companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments are playing an increasingly important role in the business world. Under pressure from stakeholders and ambitious European regulations, their business models are evolving to take account of new sustainability indicators.

In this context, and following a Group seminar that endorsed the idea, the partners decided to set up a CSR committee in January 2023. Under its impetus, De Gaulle Fleurance’s commitments were formalized in a CSR charter.

And to bring these commitments to life on a daily basis, a series of initiatives that have a positive impact on the planet and on people have been pursued or put in place. In 2020, De Gaulle Fleurance initiated the creation of the Sol Solidaire association, in partnership with ADEME, Groupe BPCE, Enerplan, Tecsol and Union sociale pour l’Habitat. Sponsored by actor/director Jean-Pascal Zadi and actress Amelle Chahbi, the association helps finance the installation of solar panels on the roofs of low-income housing projects. The resulting energy is distributed free of charge to residents. An initiative that combines social and environmental progress!

Released today, the Sustainability Report gives an account of these commitments and actions, with the 1st environmental indicators:

  • 72% of business travel by train in 2022.
  • Paper consumption reduced by more than 50% between 2019 and 2022.
  • 77% of our supplies are “green” products

But also 1st social indicators, particularly in relation to the compensation policy in place. According to the method proposed by the French government to calculate the index of professional equality between women and men in companies, De Gaulle Fleurance achieves excellent ratings.:

  • 99/100 for lawyers.
  • 88/100 for employees working in “support” functions (communications, IT, accounting, etc.). Note: among the 10 highest salaries, women occupy 7 places.

Associate earnings evolve on the basis of performance indicators, which are the same regardless of gender.


« We are proud to release this, our 1st sustainability report», explain Nadège Cury and Charles-Edouard Renault, respectively Corporate Secretary and Partner at De Gaulle Fleurance, members of the CSR Committee. « In the quest for transparency, we were a pioneer in publishing our annual business report. It is in this same spirit that we now offer this new rendezvous, with the publication of our sustainability report. »


Sustainability Report