Tourism and leisure

Tourism and leisure

Assisting professionals in the field of tourism and leisure industry, we advise French and international groups operating leisure complexes, palaces, hotel chains, leisure park operators and casino operators. We also advise Internet operators in selling or promoting tourist services (online brokerage, booking engines).

We advise our clients across practices on a wide range of issues:

  • The acquisition/transfer of amusement parks or hotels;
  • Hotel management mandate contracts;
  • Referencing contracts on online booking sites;
  • Advice on construction and urban planning for hotels, leisure parks or holiday villages;
  • Management and defense of hotel and casino trademarks throughout the world;
  • Advice on advertising regulations;
  • Contracts for the production of live performances;
  • Ticket offices;
  • Catering franchise agreements;
  • Disputes between a trade union of hotel professionals and the leading website in the field of online holiday bookings;
  • Copyright litigation against the architects of a leisure park.


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