In any project of the insurance sector, as in all other sectors, a dedicated team of lawyers is selected to assist many players, whether they are insurers (capital companies, health insurance, life insurance institutions, etc.), reinsurers or intermediaries. For them, we deal with multiple and complex issues, with a privileged knowledge of their specific problems and environment, at the regulatory, structural and contractual levels.

Our activity includes national, European and international issues:

  • Drafting of insurance contracts: life insurance, health insurance, civil liability; pension plan management; diversified contracts; 5th risk; occupational disease insurance; insurance policies under construction; credit insurance; setting up white goods distribution partnerships; risk outsourcing…
  • Insurers’ litigation in insurance law: insurance products; civil liability; reinsurance…

We act for players in the insurance sector at all levels of the legal chain:

  • Corporate: in various start-up operations, mergers, restructuring, for heal insurances, collective savings, banking-insurance…
  • Distribution: banking-insurance; intermediation; e-insurance (distribution via the Internet), competition (coalitions, tied selling…) ;
  • Intellectual property: representation of several insurance groups for the management of their intangible asset portfolios and related litigation;
  • Banking: litigation on lending transactions and financial products….
  • Real estate: acquisition and transfer of real estate assets.


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