Consumer goods

Consumer goods

Highly invested in the consumer goods sector, our skills lead us to support French and foreign manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors in their product placement, marketing and promotion strategy, and in particular:

• In terms of product liability, in order to secure industrial activities potentially exposed to group actions;
• For the identification of sources of growth and innovation, in order to anticipate their R&D needs, their potential intellectual property rights potential (filing of trademarks and designs) and their obligations in terms of compliance with regulations, compliance or criminal law;
• For the development of connected objects (clothing, household appliances, RFID, etc.) and the increase in collected “customer” information, which leads, for example, to the production of strategic data that must be processed and valued.

In line with the evolution of distribution schemes (globalization, direct sales, e-commerce, etc.), we also support players wishing to diversify their marketing vectors, and those who are emerging as pure players.

As for the litigation activity for our clients in this sector, it mainly consists of questions of abusive termination of commercial relations, unfair competition or economic parasitism.


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