We create value for our clients. Our fees are the counterpart of this added value and of our time commitment.


Billing methods depend on the scope of our activities.


We usually charge our work according to the time recorded by our profesionals, each one of them having a specific hourly rate according to their level of experience and their background. We take particular care in ensuring that our fees are competitive given the quality of the service we provide and the market situation.


We can provide you with estimates of our fees; these are based on the resources we will put in place to carry out the mission you entrust to us. Please feel free to discuss this with us so that we can put together the best team for your project and your budget.


Throughout the execution of our mission, you will have the opportunity keep track of the evolution of our intervention in terms of budget; we know that, on this subject as on others, transparency is an essential and legitimate requirement.


Finally, we handle your specific requests as best as possible, including electronic invoicing.


We apply the applicable legal free fees for our interventions as notary, according to the nature of the acts carried out.