Urban planning and land development

Urban planning and land development

In connection with our practice in public law and real estate law, we work on urban planning and land development issues, as well as on large-scale of real estate projects.

We assist public and private actors in the valuation of their land assets, their land development strategy and the delivery of the necessary administrative authorizations to enable them to carry out their construction project successfully.

Our teams, set up in project mode, can intervene in both transactional and litigation matters in all your urban planning issues for public entities at local or national level, telecommunications operators, hotels, leisure parks or holiday villages, and in particular:

  • Commercial and industrial development
  • Drafting and revision of administrative authorizations
  • Mountain law and coastal law
  • Procedure for classifying/declassifying public domain
  • Environment (inscribed installations, polluted sites, renewable energies, financing)
  • Taxation of urban planning
  • Criminal law of urban planning


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