Public law

Public law

Our expertise in all aspects of public law and administrative law grants us the opportunity to work on a wide range of subjects, from public health policy issues to administrative authorizations and open data.

A broad variety of actors have been trusting us: public and para public entities (national and local), industrial actors and financial institutions (banks and investment funds) in all kinds of sectors and more particularly: defense, transport, public works, telecommunications, sport, mining and health.

All aspects of public law are handled by our lawyers in project teams calibrated for each matter, including:

  • General public law;
  • Public law and institutions (local authorities, EPCI), assistance with project management;
  • Public procurement law (contracts, PSD, PPP);
  • Public domain and public works;
  • Administrative litigation and arbitration;
  • Environment (inscribed installations, polluted sites, renewable energies, financing);
  • Electronic communications and network law;
  • Public Health law;
  • Right of Defense.

In addition to our own expertise and ability to act directly abroad, our network of international correspondents is an additional asset in designing and implementing the best strategy for each of our clients.


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