Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Since its inception, our law firm has been recognized for its expertise in intellectual property matters. We are involved in all types of cases relating to industrial property (patents, trademarks, designs and models) and literary and artistic property (copyright, neighboring rights) as well as innovation protection issues.

Our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses, in sectors such as the media, information technology, health (medical devices, pharmaceutical products), construction and real estate development, communication, engineering (chemistry, mechanics, etc.) and leisure, enables us to build strategic recommendations for the management of their intellectual assets.


In the context of structuring our clients’ intangible assets, we assist them in:

  • the acquisition / sale of companies or businesses (in particular due diligence and portfolio audits).
  • the marketing of their products or services (partnership contracts, co-branding, franchising, distribution).
  • enhancing the value of their assets (acquisition of rights and their security, transfer contracts, licensing contracts, R&D contracts, coexistence agreements, co-ownership, audit and complete portfolio management, worldwide).


We are also engaged in the fight against of the commercialization of counterfeit products by:

  • Implementing anti-piracy programs in collaboration with the customs authorities with whom we are building a constant dialogue
  • Bringing an action for infringement and/or nullity
  • Recovering domain names unlawfully registered by third parties (cybersquatting)
  • Defending the interests of our clients implied as defendants in infringement proceedings, including assisting them in seizures performed at their premises, actions for invalidity, forfeiture or claims.

The specificity of our organization and our cross-practice approach to the legal profession also enable us to approach intellectual property issues from multiple legal angles in order to, e.g.:

For patents:

  • Manage corporate litigation concerning companies with patent portfolios, taking into account the specificity of patents for the purposes of these litigation (seizure-counterfeiting, interventions of technical experts, seizure-sale of patents, formalities);
  • Optimize the licensing or exploitation of patent portfolios for tax purposes;
  • Optimize the funding of innovation efforts by research support organizations;
  • Set up tools for the proper management of inventions created by the employees of a group.

For trademarks:

  • Carry out searches for prior art and availability of planned signs.
  • File French, European Union, international and national trademarks abroad, including the handling of objections from offices.
  • Update the trademark registers according to the evolution of the company and to record the acts affecting the enjoyment or ownership of the securities.
  • Handle oppositions before the INPI (French National Institute of Industrial Property) or EUIPO.
  • Organize usage surveys or notoriety surveys.


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