Health law

Health law

We are involved in all of the phases of the health product and/or service life cycle (medicine, medical devices, raw materials for pharmaceutical use, in vitro diagnostic devices, biological and biotechnological products, cosmetics, patient health data, clinical trials, e-health, etc.) and for all French and international operators (pharmaceutical laboratories, medical equipment manufacturers, public or private research institutes, academic stakeholders, biotechnology companies, investors, service providers, competitiveness clusters, etc.).

We assist our clients in three strategic dimensions:

  • Contracts: drafting, negotiation and more generally advice on all types of contracts related to health products and services (research; development; R&D financing; industrial contracts, marketing, supply and operation, etc.).
  • Regulatory: at national and European level (personal health data; biomedical and bioethical research; State aid within the financing of R&D; marketing authorizations for medicinal products; reimbursement and pricing of health products; anti-gift regulations; advertising; regulations linked to healthcare establishments…)
  • Litigation: particularly in relation to product liability; administrative authorizations and decisions (appeals for misuse of power, administrative referrals) or administrative liability proceedings; hospital public procurement procedures (pre- or post-contractual); intellectual property matters (patents, copyrights, trademarks and designs); or commercial disputes (comparative advertising).

Our assets? Lawyers coming from the pharmaceutical industry or from the field ofmedical equipment finance and senior public administration, a strong relationships with administrative bodies in the field of health, new technologies and personal data protection (CNIL) or professional organizations (including LEEM) and a network of international clients and partners which enable us to remain at the forefront of developments in the health sector.


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