Distressed companies and Restructuring

Distressed companies and Restructuring

We assist our clients in restructuring and company rescuing operations. Our expertise and ability to work directly on international projects, with the occasional support of our large network of good friends abroad (specialized or full service), enable us to assist all types of clients: domestic and foreign, public and private, operators, investors, industrials, manufacturers and suppliers.

We handle a wide range of standard and complex matters, including white collar crimes discovered during restructuring operations, among which:

  • Anticipating potential companies difficulties: liability restructuring operations; credit mediation; mandates and conciliation.
  • Handling of companies difficulties: assistance during safeguard proceedings, legal redress or judicial liquidation; assistance to creditors: declaration of claims, appointment of auditors, enforcement of securities, restructuring of credit agreements; liability of managers.
  • Acquisitions of distressed companies: drafting takeover bids; negotiation and assistance before the procedural bodies.

The diversity of our lawyers’ profiles and their complementarity underpin our ability to cover all crisis scenarios and offer strategic advice to companies undergoing restructuring (from distressed mergers and acquisitions to disciplinary proceedings, including financial or operational restructuring in judicial or extrajudicial proceedings). Our cross-practice approach is also enriched by the experience acquired in a broad spectrum of geographical areas and sectors: banking and finance, hotels, electronics, media, engineering and industrial production, construction, clothing and textile…


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