Today De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés offers you a new solution in France that gives you control: the digital anchoring of proof of your intangible assets…

A new solution to protect your creative works!

Evidentiary law before the French courts is very rigorous and without proof you cannot exercise your rights. How can you incorporate protection of your rights into your creative process?


Intellectual property rights and more generally, the economic value of certain projects developed by companies in France are only enforceable and can only benefit from protection if the holder is able to prove with certainty, the date of elaboration and the content of a creative work, a marketing scheme or a technical innovation.


For this reason, De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés has decided to support its clients by assisting them to date and keep all their documents and the components of their artistic, technical or marketing creative works by offering them a simple, flexible, safe, efficient and inexpensive time-stamping service based on storage and data transmission technology: the Blockchain.


This new offer covers more than intellectual property rights. It offers obvious benefits for any commercial, promotional, real estate or industrial project – regardless of the sector concerned – where retention of documents materializing each stage in the development process is essential.


From a technical perspective, the LitiSafe solution consists of a cryptographically secured database in which each document, regardless of the format – text, image, video, sound, 3D, etc. – is registered or “anchored” in a shared electronic recording device for authentication and dating that cannot be falsified. In practice, anchored documents are allocated a unique and unintelligible time-stamped digital footprint. If the document is not modified, the digital footprint can subsequently be located in the Blockchain and therefore its anchoring date identified beyond all doubt.


Our platform – which is made available in partnership with a firm of bailiffs – ensures the protection and traceability of your creative works and intangible assets regardless of the nature, form or original support medium.


Our offer includes ongoing support from our attorneys and jurists who work in English and for a wide range of international clients on installing and optimizing use of the platform within your company, but also to consider, where relevant, the constitution of various intellectual property rights.


Depending on your needs, we can offer you one-time anchoring or various annual subscriptions for multiple anchoring.

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