Activity report 2022 | Dive into our world!

Activity report 2022 | Dive into our world!

Dive into our world!


Our Strength?

Combining vision and law, to take you even farther!

Haven’t you always dreamed of leaving the keys to your legal issues with one person, in complete confidence, knowing that a tailor-made team would be set-up to take care of your needs?

For over 20 years, this is the promise that our lawyers, and now our notaries, have successfully kept thanks to their determination.



If we’re able to answer all of your questions, it is because of the renowned expertise that we possess and enrich year after year:


Compliance | Corporate M&A | EU | Litigation | Banking & Fiance | Construction | International Arbitration | OHADA | Competition | Criminal | Distribution | Employment | Energy | Projects | Tax | Public & Administration | Healthcare & Life Sciences | Media & Entertainment | Sports | Patrimonial | IP/IT | Transports | Real Estate | Regulatory | Data


It’s on!

Lawyers/Notaires: Financing, real estate, securities, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, assets, commercial or licensing contracts… notarized acts are involved in many activities. Our notaries are part of our « full service » concept.


Digital assets: The European Pilot Regime regulation paves the way for developing a market for “security tokens” (tokenized financial instruments, bonds, shares,…). This is a great opportunity for the development of your blockchain projects. We will help you to capitalize on this new regulatory framework.


EMEA and Latin America Investments: From our subsidiary in Abu Dhabi, our multidisciplinary team (including a Common Law and OHADA practice) supports companies in their projects and investments in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.


Space: Faced with a rapidly expanding space industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services in France and abroad: space operations authorization, legal and administrative services for all your space activities, liability, international arbitration, etc.


Because it is in our DNA to always move the lines of our business approach, ESG issues are fully integrated into our business plan:


Committed to inclusive recruitment and diversity: 57% women


A leader in public discourse, with reports published on energy transitions, social change, and legal sector development.


Offices in Paris, Brussels and Abu Dhabi;
A network of correspondents on each continent,
selected for the quality of their services.


Dive into our world!

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