Organization and values

“The maturity of our full-service offer strengthen and deepen our understanding of your business models and optimize the value we bring to them”

Our lawyers, notaries and legal experts assist you every day and head our teams to provide you with a full, decompartmentalized and responsive service.


Their backgrounds and talents reflect the diversity and quality of De Gaulle Fleurance’s support services.


Our professionals combine their legal expertise and sectoral knowledge to offer solutions to all your business needs.


Our Group operates as a platform of services around the enterprise’s two main needs: structural and operational. We also integrate the personal dimension of each individual. This successfully differentiates our approach from that of most of our competitors.


Technicality, cross-sectoral approach, sector-based knowledge and pragmatic risk analysis: our service is thought in an open and horizontal manner. We have no practice groups and departments. This falicitates the creation of ad hoc teams led by a partner for each transaction or litigation assigned to us.


Our platform allows us to adjust our interventions with our clients according to each specific issue. Our partners coordinate the work with specific tools and meet weekly.


We adapt to our clients’ needs (and not the other way around), control the costs incurred and the performance (quality and respect of deadlines), with a great adaptability.


Our Group is a keen observer of market developments and tomorrow’s legal issues and opportunities in new geographical areas. We animate our own laboratories focusing on innovative sectoral topics and pilot projects. Our professionals are on the forefront of risk and opportunities management. Their expertise, connections and passion for their sectors contribute to the efficiency of your services. These forward-looking and collaborative approaches help us understanding the issues relevant to our clients by going beyond the boundaries of legal or sectoral expertise.


Thus, by bringing together our lawyers and notaries to handle cases or to look ahead to future issues under the responsibility of project managers, we integrate their skills to produce calibrated and effective solutions for you.


We believe that our cross-functional practice is more effective than the traditional vertical approach by legal specialties. This is because the latter compartmentalizes the subjects and leads to work in silos.