Organization and values

“The maturity of our full-service offer strengthen and deepen our understanding of your business model and optimize its value.”

Our Partners assist you on a daily basis, leading our teams of lawyers, paralegals and support staff in providing you with an efficient, comprehensive and responsive service. Their professional experiences and expertises are emblematic of the diversity and excellence of De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés’ legal services.

Our lawyers pool their legal and industry-specific expertise to offer solutions for any business law issue that you might come across.

Our firm operates as a platform, offering services for the two major business requirements: structure and operations, making our approach distinctive and successful since 2001. Our service is horizontally organized and transparent, with technical strength, a cross-functional approach, sector-specific background, and an understanding of risks. As such, we have no departments, and offer you the ability to mobilize teams for your specific needs, with no internal constraints, led by a partner to assist you in your transactions or litigations.

This services platform allows us to customize the assistance we offer our clients around the legal issues at stake in their particular sector, the degree of technicality, urgency, or even exposure of the subject. The Partners coordinate the work using specific tools, meeting weekly for this purpose.

By adapting to you (and not the other way around), we control the costs incurred and the performance (quality and on-time delivery), with a high degree of flexibility to meet your needs.

On the lookout for market developments and the legal issues of tomorrow, and in order to be prepared to tackle new geographical areas, our firm organizes in-house legal workshops called “Lex Do It” about evolving sectoral themes and pilot projects. Our lawyers are thus fully able to optimize risks and opportunities. Their knowledge of the network, command of the challenges and dedication to the sector all contribute to the high level of efficiency you can expect from us. Whether internal or shared with you, these forward-looking, collaborative projects are designed to address issues of interest to our clients by transcending the boundaries of legal or industry-specific expertise.

Our long experience gives this full-service offer the capacity to benefit from a deeper understanding of your business models and optimize the value we bring to them.