PR – UEFA intensifies its action against illegal resale of UEFA EURO 2016 tickets

Jean-François Vilotte and Rhadamès Killy, partners at the law firm of De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés in Paris, obtained interim measures in favor of UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations),which were granted by the President of the Paris High Court (Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris) in the context of an ex parte order against, a website selling UEFA EURO 2016 tickets without UEFA’s approval.   In its ex parte order against Ticketbis S.L. (the Spanish company publishing, the Paris High Court ordered them to stop selling tickets for UEFA EURO 2016 matches and reproducing UEFA’s trademarks on The President of the Court also ordered Ticketbis S.L. to provide UEFA with information relating to the list of ticket suppliers, the number of tickets ordered and purchased through them, the ticket prices as well as the serial number appearing on each ticket. These orders are also subject to a €1,000 penalty per day failing enforcement by Ticketbis S.L.   UEFA have launched legal proceedings against various websites illegally reselling UEFA EURO 2016 tickets (i.e. without the approval of the UEFA), including against which UEFA recently obtained a similar order. According to Jean-François Vilotte “Such illegal practices must stop as they not only infringe UEFA’s rights in respect of UEFA EURO 2016, but also create a security issue arising from the tickets breach of traceability”.
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