Q&A – Mastering the green shift

Q&A – Mastering the green shift

Our answers to your questions about our firm: the ecological transition with Sylvie Perrin, partner

The question of the ecological transition is now unavoidable; it’s an issue of planetary and commercial survival. What are the major trends?


Two main trends are emerging. First,  the profitability of solar energy is well known, with the maturation of the market and technologies, development of storage and erasure techniques, dismantling of costs, and ongoing reduction of feed-in tariffs. The time for repowering has come, which will give us a comprehensive overview of the renewable energy value cycle.

Second, we have seen the emergence of vigilant consumers who prefer to produce and consume within a short cycle, who demand greater readability and traceability of renewable energy with increasingly green offers, and who are completely reviewing their purchasing policy to make green, traceable purchases with no intermediation.



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