Portrait – Compliance Director of a real estate operator (2018 Activity Report)

Portrait – Compliance Director of a real estate operator (2018 Activity Report)

In permanent discussions with the Legal Department, this executive committee member is in charge of all compliance matters for this French group expanding internationally.

  2018 saw the advent of their second generation of mixed and connected HQE programs (French certification “High Environmental Quality”) for commercial, office, and residential buildings. For the delivery of four sites across the EU, with the help of his consulting firm and their local counterparts, he has mapped and coordinated with his lawyers:
  • anticorruption and financing accountability procedures
  • the compliance policy for the e-facilities embedded into buildings for the purpose of their supervision/maintenance/management (in particular personal data),
  • the application of European and national regulations relating to the environmental aspects of buildings and employment law regarding construction sites (team rotations of seconded specialized workers).
In 2019-2020, he will lead a group-wide debate on connected real estate issues. The data collected by multiple sensors (water/light/electricity consumption, flow of people/connected elevators/parking garages with electrical terminals, etc.) can be analyzed to gear the design and management of real estate programs to consumer demands. Their per-building storage must also be anticipated from 2020 onwards while complying with privacy, as well as technical compliance and acceptability of these many sources of electromagnetic waves.      

First presented in our Activity Report 2018, this series of archetypes illustrates our achievements with you and projects them into the future.

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