GDPR certification for companies: De Gaulle Fleurance, partner of Europrivacy, the first and only label officially recognised by the European Union

GDPR certification for companies: De Gaulle Fleurance, partner of Europrivacy, the first and only label officially recognised by the European Union



The EuroprivacyTM/® certification scheme is officially recognized by the European Union as a European GDPR certification label. It is the first and only certification standard to obtain this recognition. In France, De Gaulle Fleurance is the only independent law firm and notary partner of Europrivacy.


Within the framework of this partnership, with the Europrivacy scheme, De Gaulle Fleurance supports and prepares companies for the certification of the compliance of their data processing activities, with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Objectives:


  • Audit, identify and reduce legal and financial risks thanks to the Europrivacy scheme.
  • Improve reputation and market access by leveraging this investment in compliance.
  • Build trust through continuous updates and monitoring.


The GDPR has made certification a major provision, with 70 references to it in the text of the regulation. At a time when the data economy is growing at an unprecedented rate and citizens are increasingly wary of how their data is used, certification is a bucket of trust for companies that have it with their business partners and the general public.


The Europrivacy methodology allows them to identify and resolve any deviations from European regulations and to document the compliance of data processing. It allows them to be better prepared in the event of an inspection by the authorities and to reduce the risk of sanctions, which have been increasing since the GDPR came into force (up to 10 or 20 million euros in penalties or 2 or 4% of annual global turnover).


 ” GDPR compliance is a major issue and an asset for companies beyond the requirements it represents. It is all the more so in the current economic environment, which has become more global”, points out Georgie Courtois, Matthieu Dary and Cécile Théard-Jallu, partners at De Gaulle Fleurance. “Many of them have made progress in their compliance and can now prepare for this new stage of their GDPR project, which is certification. This partnership with Europrivacy allows us to offer a strategic service to companies to help them through this crucial step, from which they will be able to gain a competitive advantage and a certain degree of confidence in the market, whatever their activities and organisations.




The Europrivacy scheme has been developed under the European Horizon 2020 research program to meet the specific obligations of the GDPR and to serve as an official certification tool under its Article 42. The certification will be issued by bodies accredited to operate at EU level. The scheme has been developed in close cooperation with national protection authorities and market players. It is continuously updated by the European Centre for Certification and Privacy Protection (ECCP) in Luxembourg and its international committee of data protection experts.


Europrivacy provides a leading-edge methodology for certifying the compliance of all kinds of data processing with the GDPR. It is extensible to complementary national data protection regulations and can be applied to emerging technologies.


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