Portrait – The Sun rises in the East (Activity Report 2018)


Managing Director of a press group -

  As Head of this mid-cap listed company for 11 years, he has supervised its digital transformation and revised its growth strategy. In 2018, in addition to a repositioning in France through the sale of two business divisions, the group reaped the first benefits of its structured partnerships in Asia.   This joint venture with an international investment fund for the distribution of printed and digital content in China multiplies the value of the content publishing base. It presented a real legal challenge, because in addition to the corporate, regulatory and tax questions that needed to be coordinated between France, China, Hong Kong and the United States, the entire production chain related to the digital content adaptation and re-editing had to be reorganized. The responsiveness (including over different time zones) and experience of the lawyers involved in this type of project are decisive.      

First presented in our Activity Report 2018, this series of archetypes illustrates our achievements with you and projects them into the future.