Portrait – Very Special Affairs (Activity Report 2018)


Head of the Special Affairs department of a French bank

  With solid experience in corporate finance, debt collection and insolvency procedures, the Head of Special Affairs manages a team that handles the processing of claims towards the bank's distressed corporate clients.   She is regularly in contact with the bank's business lines and in-house lawyers, and also with the Litigation department in the event of insolvency proceedings (safeguard procedures, receivership, or court-supervised liquidation) and has considerable latitude in the management of matters, while still subject to the decisions of the credit committee.   Lawyers assist the team in all stages of debt restructuring, from out-of-court renegotiation under the supervision of the ad hoc agent or mediator and, as the case may be, CIRI (the French Government's Interministerial Committee on Industrial Restructuring), to the drafting of legal documentation. They also assist the institution when the restructuring must go through the courts. This Special Affairs role requires a large set of skills: the art of negotiation, expert knowledge of finance, knowledge of the law pertaining to companies in distress and litigation, understanding of the political process, such that lawyers must demonstrate the same versatility.   Facts & figures: 52,559 insolvency proceedings opened in France (cumulative over 12 months as of August 1, 2017, OCED)      

First presented in our Activity Report 2018, this series of archetypes illustrates our achievements with you and projects them into the future.