Aerium sets a financing up in favour of a new real estate fund, Asian Global Property

On 4 May 2012, Aerium UK Loan OY, a fund member of the British group Aerium specialised in mortgages, implemented a 8.375M€ credit line in favour of the fund AGP Asian Global Property Ltd. The credit line is structured according to mortgage securities, among others, which were taken over immovable assets located in France and hold by a SCI. It also relies on a security trust. As from 11 May 2012 and pursuant to the implementation of this credit line, Asia Global Property Ltd purchased a prestige immovable asset located in London in view of a first transaction as real estate broker.   Asian Global Property was advised by de Gaulle Fleurance & Associés as well as by the notary office Paget. Aerium was advised by the British law firm Teacher Stern as well as by the notary office Lasaygues.
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