Activity Report 2018 – Portrait – Feet on the Ground


Head of External Growth for a satellite manufacturer -

  In conjunction with his Legal Department, Finance Department and operational staff, he and his advisers support the executive committee in developing a new generation of defense equipment along with a group of interlocutors: public authorities, industrial partners, future clients, incubated startups, financiers, etc.   A number of lawyers have been working with the group over the long term on almost all aspects of this multi-year project. They have established the following together:
  • structure for optimally securing the sharing of know-how and intellectual property
  • governance of this partnership, reconciling the interests of all parties
  • best tools and financial resources for this strategic and ever-evolving industrial project.
In 2019, he will be paying particular attention to cyber-security concerns specific to opérateurs d’importance vitale, the development of industrial cooperations for a European Defense community, and the provisions of the PACTE bill on the commitments of foreign investors.    

First presented in our Activity Report 2018, this series of archetypes illustrates our achievements with you and projects them into the future.