De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés advises Crédit Industriel et Commercial in the context of the financing, refurbishment, operation and maintenance of a leisure pool located in Lunéville (Meurthe et Moselle, France)

This leisure pool is refurbished and operated by the group Spie Batignolles in the context of a delegation of public service signed with the Lunévillois community of municipalities.   Spie Batignolles is a global construction and civil engineering operator with a 10 year experience in PPP. In 2011, Spie Batignolles’ total turnover amounted to 2,170,000,000€. At the end of 2011, Spie Batignolles had 8,300 associates established in more than 160 locations in France and abroad.   Crédit Industriel et Commercial arranged and financed this transaction by means of a 8,100,000€ credit structured in a “project mode” with a limited recourse to the group.   Crédit Industriel et Commercial, as arranger, was advised by the firm de Gaulle Fleurance & Associés as well as with regards to the project financing.
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