IT – Internet


We represent key and emerging players in the digital economy, both in France and internationally. In France, we represent the interests of several software developers, worldwide leaders in their respective niche specialties, as well as many IT and internet service providers targeting companies and professional users. We also collaborate with several software and computing services companies. More and more of our clients manage e-commerce sites, market places, social networks etc.

We also contribute to the specialised and public debate on the subject.

Our specialised and established experience in this field makes our law firm a first choice for companies.


We have recently done work in relation to the following issues:

  • Compliance and preparation to GDPR, NIS and e-privacy régulations.
  • Structuring and protection of investments in the context of the organising corporate transactions, joint ventures, equity stakes and restructuring.
  • Acquisition and technology transfer.
  • Outsourcing of IT systems in the context of Cloud Computing (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS), including calls for tender, audits and service level agreements.
  • Drafting and negotiating standard licensing and service contracts for SaaS solutions.
  • Support and resolution of complex IT litigation matters, with or without legal appraisal.
  • Advice on regulatory matters concerning advertising on the internet.
  • Patent infringement litigation.
  • Counterfeit software litigation.
  • Advice in relation to developing and supporting social plans in France.
  • Protection of our clients’ online reputation.
  • Training provided to the sales force of a software and computing services company on public procurement law.
  • Contribution to the public consultation on Cloud Computing and Private data.
  • Preparation of a standard contract for the digital distribution of software via an internet platform.
  • Analysis and recommendations on the general sale conditions in auction sales of works of art on the internet.
  • Analysis of to the competition law aspects of a new internet service requiring payment for a business directory and a search engine.
  • Analysis of the competition law aspects of eBook distribution contracts.
  • Advice on the procedures of personal data management in compliance with regulatory law, including the supervision of the transfer of such data outside of the European Union (BCRs, standard clauses, guarantees).
  • Assistance of public works authorities with the reflection and recommendations of the execution of strategic plans for the digital economy (implementation of the optical fibre or digital networks).
  • Establishment of Cloud Computing community agreements targeted towards government and public entities (data security, digital integration in public data records but also in the field of e-Administration).
  • Transactional and litigation advice on the security, use and protection of the intellectual heritage of our clients in the digital environment (copyrights, domain names, trademarks).