Arts – Culture


We work for all kinds of players in the fields of arts and culture. We provide advice and assistance to international museums and culture organisations, auction houses, websites dedicated to the art market, publishers, producers as well as artists and their heirs, collectors and foundations.


Thanks to our cross-practice approach, we handle a wide range of cases, directly connected to the art market (art work, regulation) or relating to associated activities. This approach enables us to comprehensively understand all of the legal components of the art market (intellectual property, information technology, commercial, competition, tax, public law etc.).


For example, we have managed such diverse issues as:

  • Advice and assistance provided to the public authorities in terms of surviving rights pertaining to the auction sale of works of art.
  • Disputes relating to the publication and protection of auction catalogues on websites.
  • Advice concerning the implementation of the business model of an online auction broker.
  • Advice to a well-known foundation on the contractual regime in order to enable virtual visits of its collections.
  • Dispute relating to a posthumous opera by Jean-Philippe Rameau.
  • Development agreement (content and support) relating to a 3D audio guide dedicated to the visit of one of the world’s biggest museums.
  • Cultural sponsorship.
  • Endowment.
  • Taxation of transactions relating to works of art.
  • Purchase agreement of a National Treasure.
  • Publishing agreement for a photo collection.
  • Advice relating to the resale of tickets for temporary exhibitions for a prestigious French public institution.
  • Advice relating to the management of a famous French writer’s copyrights.
  • Advice relating to joint ownership rights provided to the heirs of a Goncourt prize winner
  • Dispute relating to the disclosure of letters written by a major XXth century philosopher.
  • Advice provided to an American publishing house with regards to the editing of a philosopher’s biography based on private conversations with his biographer.Advice in the context of a dispute relating to architectural works.

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