Media – Copyrights


We are a recognised actor in this practice area and we handle in all kinds of cases relating to literary and artistic property and, more particularly, copyrights and neighbouring rights pertaining thereto, both in the context of multifaceted transactional missions and in litigation. Over the past few years, the number of litigation cases entrusted to us has significantly grown.


Transactional missions, such as

  • Publishing and co-publishing agreements.
  • Audiovisual production agreements.
  • Remake, prequel and sequel agreements.
  • Audit of publishing rights and catalogues.
  • Audit of rights in terms of audiovisual/film production or contents exploitation.
  • Analysis of manuscripts and scenarios in the context of the implementation of E&O or before broadcasting, including with respect to the use of first works.
  • Negotiations with rights management companies with regards to the compensation for a catalogue of foreign performers.


Litigation missions, such as

  • Copyright infringement.
  • Questioning the implementation of le legal licence.
  • Claims by co-authors of live performances.
  • Claim from a publishing house for exploitation rights of a foreign author.


Our specific cross-practice approach and organisation enable us to comprehend from various legal perspectives the copyright issues faced by our clients in order to:

  • Associate a dispute relating to the infringement of a European publisher’s exclusive rights to an administrative dispute against the decision delivered by the Supreme Broadcasting Council (CSA) authorising the cross-border broadcasting of the programme.
  • Manage corporate acquisition cases relating to the exploitation of copyright portfolios while taking into account the specificity of intellectual property rights in order to promote the target.
  • Optimise from a tax perspective licensing transactions or the exploitation of copyright portfolios.
  • Define the contractual strategy and implement contracts required for the production of audiovisual and film works [cf. Media & Entertainment].
  • Optimise the financing of co-productions of audiovisual or film works.


We also rely on a non-exclusive tried and trusted network of foreign law firms in this practice area, which enables us to manage international cases without the constraints of a closed network

Furthermore, we are familiar with the alternative copyright dispute resolution proceedings of the International Films and Television Association and the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation).


We are regularly cited in reference rankings such as Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500 and Décideurs.