Commercial – Distribution


Distribution law

  • Assessment of vertical restraints (exclusivity/non competition, resale price).
  • Choice and implementation of the best distribution system (concession, selective distribution…).
  • Franchise networks.


Regulation of business practices and relations

  • Single convention.
  • Payment terms.
  • Invoicing and tariff transparency.
  • Termination of established business relations.


We assist our clients in defining their commercial policy or their market positioning and in the negotiation of the contracts pertaining thereto. We also assist them in their exchanges and confrontations with the administration or other stakeholders (prior notice, notice, audits and litigation proceedings) and we design tools to prevent risks. Therefore we are able to:

  • Create compliance programmes in coordination, when needed, with foreign counsels, to meet the needs of groups which have developed on a transnational basis.
  • Manage issues relating to innovative financing and structures in support, for example, of industrial R&D programmes with respect to the contingencies relating to State aid.
  • Organise and coordinate multi-jurisdictional notifications with the competition authorities based in different continents.