Solid international activity


  • We assist our foreign clients with their establishment and operations in France and Europe.
  • We also assist our French clients with their overseas operations.
  • We are involved in numerous international cases and in multi-jurisdictional and European procedures.
  • We have strengthened our expertise in European law with the arrival of several attorneys, members of the Paris Bar and Brussels Bar, specialists in this field and with the set-up of a subsidiary in Brussels in 2012.


Thanks to a well-defined and proactive international strategy, we have developed the ability to work in our overall economic structure whilst maintaining our independence.

  • Our recruitment is geared towards attorneys with a international spirit: various individuals among them benefit from professional experiences abroad, either as an attorney or within the legal department of large groups; several of our attorneys have received higher education abroad; several are members of foreign Bars and professional or international associations; all attorneys work in English on a daily basis, and sometimes in other foreign languages.
  • We have set up a non-exclusive legal network of “good friends” on the main international marketplaces: we have carefully selected these law firms based on their ability to work as a team with us and satisfy our clients. We regularly meet with our “good friends” either on dedicated business trips or at legal/industry related conferences (IBA, INTA, MIFI, MIPIM…). Our network is a vibrant entrepreunarial reality that we are now building on and extending, as with Africa for example, where we have developed strong cooperative relationships thanks to training commitments with our local correspondents, and by sharing IT tools with them. We can therefore bring together international teams on multi-jurisdictional projects and recommend foreign attorneys to our clients, with whom we collaborate on a regular basis and know to be trustworthy. This network is non-exclusive and in the case where our clients have already retained legal counsel in a particular country, it is with great pleasure that we will work together with the chosen attorney.


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